Does a teen need car insurance if they have a license but don't drive

It is generally recommended that teenagers who have a driver's license but do not own a car should still be listed on their parent's auto insurance policy. This is because they will still be driving the family car and will need to be covered by insurance. Adding a teenage driver to a parent's policy will typically raise the rates, but it is usually the cheapest option.

In some states, teens are required to be on their parent's insurance policy as soon as they have a learner's permit. In other states, teens who are being chaperoned by a licensed, insured driver do not need to be on insurance yet. However, by the time they get their driver's license, they will need to be added to their parent's policy.

It is important to note that teen drivers tend to get in more accidents than older drivers, and therefore, they are considered higher risk. As a result, their addition to a car insurance policy will typically increase the premiums. To save money, parents can assign their teen driver to the cheapest car on their policy, as some insurers automatically assign the riskiest driver to the most expensive car.

In summary, it is recommended that teens with a driver's license but no car be added to their parent's auto insurance policy to comply with state laws and to ensure they are covered while driving the family car.