How does car insurance coverage work for drivers who are not listed on the primary policyholder's insurance policy, and what are the implications for liability and coverage in the event of an accident?

Non-owner car insurance provides liability coverage for drivers who operate a car they don't own and cause an accident.

This type of insurance covers property damage and medical costs for the other driver involved in the accident.

Uninsured drivers using your car are covered by your liability insurance if they cause an accident.

However, uninsured drivers should not rely on the car they're driving to have enough insurance to cover a serious accident.

Insurance coverage usually follows the car, but state laws, policy specifics, and coverage amounts can affect claim outcomes.

Rental cars are an exception to the rule that insurance follows the car, not the driver.

If you have insurance on your own car and rent a car for personal use, your insurance generally extends to the rental car.

A non-owner insurance policy can cover the remaining costs if you're in an accident and the car owner's insurance doesn't suffice.

Non-owner car insurance is an individual policy, covering only the policyholder, not their spouse or other drivers.

A lapse in coverage for up to 30 days can result in an average rate increase of about 14% for non-owner insurance policies.

Operator or non-owner policies insure the driver, not the car, and are typically used when the driver doesn't own a car or reside with a car owner.

Rating processes for insurance companies consider the type of car being driven.

Non-owner car insurance is liability-only coverage, providing bodily injury and property damage protection for the driver.

Non-owner car insurance policies are named insured policies, meaning only the listed individual is covered in most cases.

The liability insurance on non-owner policies generally covers injuries and damages caused to others while driving a rental car.

Your car insurance typically protects another driver when you loan them your car.