How does compare to AT&T's phone insurance offerings? is an independent company that specializes in helping customers claim AT&T refunds for incorrect or unauthorized charges. has a success rate of over 90% in helping customers get a refund from AT&T.

The company guarantees its services, committing to work on a customer's behalf until the issue is resolved or a refund is issued. representatives are experts in AT&T's policies and procedures and can effectively communicate with AT&T representatives to resolve issues.

The process typically involves a phone call with an AT&T representative to verify the customer's account information and resolve the issue. offers a partnership with AT&T, assisting customers in resolving disputes and getting a refund.

AT&T's phone insurance offerings include as soon as same-day replacement if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged, with an unlimited number of claims.

Some devices qualify for cracked screen repair, available in select areas for certain devices.

AT&T Protect Advantage includes expert technical support, with replacement devices offered in most cases within 12 business days.

AT&T offers different device tiers with corresponding maximum device value for insurance claims.

Enrollment in the AT&T Mobile Protection Pack or AT&T MultiDevice Protection provides IDnotify, a third-party provider that offers identity protection services.

AT&T's Extended Service Contract for 1 program offers accidental damage from handling (ADH) coverage for up to two claims within any consecutive 12 months.

Asurion is the third-party provider that offers AT&T Protect device protection plans, including unlimited claims, screen and battery repairs, and sameday replacement.

Asurion's warranty and tech support plans offer phone protection with details and benefits outlined in the PDF.

AT&T customers can track their claim status or activate their replacement device online.