How much does Tesla insurance cost per year, and what factors influence the premium?

Tesla insurance is 30% more expensive than traditional car insurance due to the high cost of repairing and replacing electric vehicles.

The average annual premium for a 2023 Tesla Model 3 is $2,914, which is higher than the average for most cars.

Tesla insurance is only available in 12 states, limiting options for Tesla owners.

The cheapest Tesla model to insure is the Model Y, with a base trim average annual premium of $3,057.

The most expensive Tesla to insure is likely the Model S Plaid, with an estimated annual premium of $3,500.

Tesla insurance rates are influenced by factors such as the model and trim level of the Tesla, location, driving history, and the amount of coverage chosen.

Shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurers can help Tesla owners find better deals on their insurance coverage.

Tesla Insurance uses a Safety Score Beta, which takes into account the driver's habits and rewards safe driving with lower premiums.

Tesla Insurance is only available for Tesla owners, and the coverage is specifically designed for electric vehicles.

The high cost of Tesla insurance is partly due to the complex systems and high purchase price of electric cars.

Tesla Insurance offers additional coverages and discounts, such as Roadside Assistance, which can help reduce premiums.

Tesla Insurance calculates premiums based on driving data, making it a more accurate and fair pricing system.