"What are the best budget-friendly car rental options in Calgary for travelers on a tight budget?"

According to physics, the optimal car rental duration is 3-4 days, as it minimizes the overall cost per day.

However, car rental companies often charge extra for extra days, making it essential to rent for the correct duration to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Studies have shown that the most budget-friendly car rentals in Calgary are Economy class cars, which typically start at $39/day.

Keeping this in mind, travelers can wisely choose their rental car to stay within their budget.

The concept of cognitive bias suggests that travelers often underestimate the cost of fuel and underestimate the importance of efficient driving.

To avoid this bias, rent a fuel-efficient car with a combined city/highway MPG of at least 25 to save on fuel costs.

Calgary's airport (YYC) has a unique geography, requiring a short walk to the car lot, making it an ideal airport for travelers who prefer walking over shuttle services.

In economics, the concept of opportunity cost emphasizes the idea that the cost of a car rental includes not only the monetary value but also the opportunity cost of using that money for other activities.

In Calgary, travelers can consider renting a minivan for large groups and families, which can be a more cost-effective option than taking multiple taxis or public transportation.

By applying the concept of queuing theory to car rental services, travelers can reduce their waiting time by booking their rental car 2-3 weeks in advance to secure their preferred vehicle.