What are the best restaurants in Houston's Boca Raton area?

**Tennis history**: The Houston's Boca Raton tennis tournament, held annually in Boca Raton, Florida, has been a part of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tour since 1973.

**Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration**: The Houston's restaurant in Boca Raton is inspired by the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright, featuring a unique design with stone accent walls and beam-trussed ceilings.

**Timeless American cuisine**: Houston's Boca Raton is known for serving classic American dishes, including comfort food and specialty cocktails, since its establishment in 1990.

**Rating average**: According to OpenTable, Houston's Boca Raton has an average rating of 4.6 stars based on 96 diner reviews.

**Over 30 years of service**: Some customers have been frequenting Houston's Boca Raton for over 30 years, enjoying the consistent service and quality of food.

**Menu variety**: The menu at Houston's Boca Raton features a range of options, including juicy steaks, salads, sandwiches, and weekly specials, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.

**Full-service bar**: The restaurant boasts a full-service bar, offering specialty cocktails and a wide selection of beverages to complement their menu.

**Tournament changes**: Over the years, the Houston's Boca Raton tennis tournament has undergone changes in location and format, adapting to the evolving needs of tennis players and fans.

**Hosting tennis legends**: The tournament has hosted legendary tennis players, including Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, and Andre Agassi, making it a premier event on the ATP tour.

**Florida Atlantic University connection**: The FAU Tennis Complex on the campus of Florida Atlantic University has been the venue for the tournament since its inception in 1973.

**Founder's vision**: Dr.

Joe Cullman and his wife, Julia, founded the Houston's Boca Raton tennis tournament in 1973, driven by a passion for tennis and a desire to create a premier event.

**Consistency and quality**: Houston's Boca Raton has maintained its reputation for excellent service, quality food, and a unique atmosphere, making it a staple in the Boca Raton dining scene.