What are the cheapest motorbike insurance options available in the UK for new riders?

In the UK, motorcyclists are 55 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured per mile traveled compared to car drivers, making insurance a crucial aspect of motorcycling.

The average cost of motorbike insurance in the UK is around £280 per year, but this can vary greatly depending on factors such as age, experience, and bike type.

Riders under 25 years old pay an average of £1,200 per year for motorbike insurance, while those over 55 pay around £150 per year.

Third Party Only insurance, the minimum required by law, can cost as little as £80 per year, but this type of insurance only covers damage to other people and property, not the rider's own bike.

Completing a Motorcycle Riders Scheme (MRO) course can reduce insurance premiums by up to 10%.

Keeping a motorbike in a locked garage or shed can reduce insurance costs by up to 20% due to reduced risk of theft.

Motorcycles with smaller engines (less than 650cc) are generally cheaper to insure than those with larger engines.

Female riders tend to pay lower insurance premiums than male riders, with an average annual cost of £220 compared to £340 for males.

Motorcyclists who live in urban areas tend to pay higher insurance premiums than those living in rural areas.

The most common motorbike insurance claims are for accidents involving another vehicle, with 62% of claims resulting from these types of incidents.

A rider's occupation can affect insurance premiums, with high-risk occupations such as construction or manufacturing resulting in higher premiums.

The majority of motorbike insurance claims (70%) are made by riders under the age of 30.

Riders who have completed advanced motorcycle training courses, such as IAM or RoSPA, may be eligible for lower insurance premiums.

Some motorbike insurance providers offer discounts for riders who participate in track days or motorcycle racing.

Motorcyclists who ride less than 3,000 miles per year may be eligible for lower insurance premiums due to reduced risk of accidents.

Insurance premiums can vary depending on the type of motorbike, with sports bikes and superbikes tend to be more expensive to insure than touring bikes or cruisers.

Riders who have a no-claims bonus can save up to 70% on their motorbike insurance premiums.

The majority of motorbike insurance providers offer a no-claims bonus protection policy, which allows riders to make one claim without affecting their no-claims bonus.

Riders who own multiple motorbikes can often get a multi-bike discount on their insurance premiums.

Some motorbike insurance providers offer a 'new rider' discount for riders who have recently passed their motorcycle test.