What is the best pet insurance company for my dog or cat, and how do I choose the right policy for their specific needs?

**Pre-existing conditions are rarely covered**: Pet insurance companies usually exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage, so it's essential to insure your pet early in life to avoid unexpected expenses.

**Accident-only plans are often cheaper**: If you're on a tight budget, accident-only plans can provide some financial protection without breaking the bank, but be aware that they usually don't cover illnesses.

**Wellness plans can be added**: Many pet insurance companies offer optional wellness plans that cover routine care, such as vaccinations and dental cleanings, which can help prevent health issues.

**Pet insurance rates increase with age**: Pet insurance premiums typically increase as your pet ages, so insuring your pet early can save you money in the long run.

**Multiple pets can lead to discounts**: Insuring multiple pets with the same company can result in multi-pet discounts, reducing your overall premium costs.

**Spayed or neutered pets may get discounts**: Some pet insurance companies offer discounts for pets that are spayed or neutered, as these procedures can reduce health risks.

**Exam fees are often covered**: Many pet insurance plans cover exam fees, which can add up quickly, especially for frequent vet visits.

**Surgery and hospitalization are usually covered**: Pet insurance companies often cover surgery and hospitalization costs, which can be financially crippling without insurance.

**Medication is usually covered, but with limits**: Pet insurance policies may cover medication costs, but there may be limits to the amount covered or the duration of coverage.

**Dental care is often excluded**: Routine dental care, such as cleanings and extractions, is often excluded from pet insurance coverage, so be prepared for out-of-pocket expenses.

**Exotic pets can be insured too**: Some pet insurance companies offer coverage for horses, birds, and other exotic pets, providing financial protection for these unique companions.

**Pet insurance companies have different coverage levels**: Policies can vary significantly between companies, with some offering more comprehensive coverage than others.

**Waiting periods apply to new policies**: Many pet insurance companies have waiting periods before coverage begins, so be aware of these timelines when choosing a policy.

**Discounts can be negotiated**: Shopping around and comparing policies can lead to discounts or better rates from pet insurance companies.

** Pet insurance companies have different reimbursement rates**: Reimbursement rates vary between companies, with some covering a higher percentage of veterinary bills than others.