What is the best way to get car insurance in California without owning a car?

Nonowner car insurance is a type of liability coverage that provides protection if you borrow someone else's car and get into an accident.

It covers damage and injuries to the other driver, but not damage to the car you were driving.

To get nonowner car insurance in California, you must have a valid driver's license, but you cannot own a vehicle.

This policy is meant for those who occasionally drive other people's cars.

The average cost of nonowner car insurance in major California cities ranges from $25 per month in San Diego to $35 per month in Los Angeles.

Insurers that offer nonowner policies in California include Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and Kemper.

Smaller regional providers may also sell this coverage.

Nonowner insurance in California usually includes the state's minimum liability limits of 15/30/5 - $15,000 for injury per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 for property damage.

Having a nonowner policy can be beneficial if your regular driver's license is suspended, as it allows you to maintain auto liability coverage without owning a car.

Nonowner car insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle you're driving or your own medical expenses if you're injured.

It only pays for damages you cause to others.

The cost of nonowner insurance is typically much lower than a standard auto insurance policy, as you're not insuring a vehicle you own.

In California, drivers are required to maintain continuous auto liability coverage, even if they don't own a car.

Nonowner insurance can help you meet this requirement.

Nonowner policies are portable, meaning you can take the coverage with you if you occasionally drive different borrowed vehicles.

Some insurers may require you to provide proof that you don't own a car, such as a vehicle registration or utility bill in someone else's name.

If you plan to rent cars frequently, a nonowner policy may be more cost-effective than relying on the rental company's insurance coverage.

Nonowner insurance does not provide coverage for any personal belongings or items stolen from the borrowed vehicle.

The policy limits for nonowner insurance in California are the same as the state's minimum requirements for regular auto insurance.

Drivers with a history of accidents or moving violations may pay higher rates for nonowner insurance compared to those with clean driving records.

Nonowner policies can be useful for those who use ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft, as they provide liability coverage when driving for these platforms.

In California, the minimum age to purchase a nonowner insurance policy is typically 18 years old.

Nonowner insurance does not provide coverage for any damage to the car you're driving, so the vehicle owner's insurance would be responsible for those claims.

The policy term for nonowner insurance is usually 6 or 12 months, similar to a standard auto insurance policy.

Customers can often save money on nonowner insurance by bundling it with other insurance products, such as homeowners or renters insurance.